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Yes, to keep the project running and expand it globally we charge a commission of 5% on each product sale. Cost of delivering ‘Free stuff’ directly to needy like used cloths, footwear, etc is also covered in this commission amount.

Our Founders, Directors, Supporters, Mentors and Advisors don’t take salaries from this project. Salaries are paid only to must have key staff like customer service, accounts and logistic team members.

As a Seller do I get any Tax Benefit? (to make banner also on Tax Benefit for Seller under 80G)

Yes. We have listed credible 80G certified NGO’s. Upon receiving the fund from your product contribution they will issue the Tax exemption certificate which will be emailed to you.

On the last page of product listing, Seller has an option to select whether he needs Tax exemption certificate or not. By default it is checked ‘Yes’

We are sorry to hear the delay. Usually it take about 2 weeks of time for NGO’s to issue the Tax Exemption Certificate upon receiving the donation from your product contribution.

Timelines varies between different NGO’s. We shall do you best to get you the Tax Exemption Certificate. Please write to us on support@alloji.com.

The courier service delivering your order usually tries to deliver on the next business day in case you miss a delivery.

Usually installation is not offered on the used product sold by Sellers. In certain cases it might be offered, please check the product description on Product Detail page.

We take security very seriously at Alloji. If you have found an issue on ShopToCharity, you can report it to support@alloji.com with the below details:

1. Steps to reproduce the bug/issue
2. Your web browser/mobile browser's name and version
3. Screenshot/screencast (if any).
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